The trick to healthy living is making small changes. ‘healthy lifestyle’ is a definition of how you should live if you want to get the healthiest body you can—one that both looks good and feels good. A healthy person doesn’t smoke, tries to maintain a healthy weight, eats healthy foods with plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber and, of course, exercises on a regular basis.

When it comes to healthy eating, it doesn’t have to mean “time consuming!” There are some of the best healthy shortcuts to save you time and still eat right.

•    Stock your pantry with healthy foods! That way you will always have some healthy, go-to foods in a crunch.

•    List foods that are freezer friendly, and always make double of those. Our list includes muffins, soups, stews, chopped vegetables, fruit, homemade juices, pie crusts, homemade pizzas, and cooked or uncooked casseroles

•    If you are the kind of person that succumbs to mid-afternoon snacking on junk then ditch the caffeine which makes you much more prone to cravings and bring fruit / nuts / seeds with you instead. Keep a stash of healthy snacks in the drawer at work.

•    Store fruits and vegetables appropriately to extend their shelf life. Keep apples away from other fruits as it will speed up their ripening time. Keep your produce in a cool dry place, or in the vegetable crisper drawer in the fridge. Adding fruits and vegetables is a perfect foundation for starting a healthy routine. Vegetables, like leafy greens, and fruits contain plentiful amounts of nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants that help boost your immune system and fight off disease causing toxins. Antioxidants help fight eye disease, promote healthy skin, and overall health. The World Health Organization recommends eating fruits and veggies as a regular part of your diet so you’ll have a better chance of fighting some cancers, diseases, and heart disease. Make sure to eat three to five servings of varied veggie and fruits per day.

•    Organize your kitchen! Don’t waste time looking for things. Make sure they are always put away in a place that you will naturally use them.

•    Shred or grate veggies and store in Tupperware to toss into different dishes throughout the week.

•    Mashed Potatoes for dinner? Peel and chop before you clean up breakfast, and store in a bowl of water in the fridge during the day. At dinnertime, dump the entire contents of the boil into your pot to boil.

•    Begin a food storage. Stocking up on food is important during emergencies

•    Remember to smile in the kitchen and make food fun! Meals are easier and faster when everyone is happy.

Drink more water

 Most of us don’t drink enough water every day. Water is essential for our body to function. Did you know that over 60% of our body is made up of water? Water is needed to carry out body functions, remove waste, and carry nutrients and oxygen around our body. Since we lose water every day through urine, bowel movements, perspiration and breathing, we need to replenish our water intake. Since food intake contributes about 20% of our fluid intake,that means we need to drink about 8-10 glasses a day to stay hydrated.

One way to tell if you’re hydrated — your urine should be colorless or slightly yellow. If it’s not, you’re not getting enough water! Other signs include: Dry lips, dry mouth, and little urination.

Exercise Daily

•    Did you know that daily exercise can reduce all of the biomarkers of aging? This includes improving eyesight, normalizing blood pressure, improving lean muscle, lowering cholesterol, and improving bone density. If you want to live well and live longer, you must exercise! Studies show that even ten minutes of exercise.

•    If you join a gym, don’t be shy. Ask for help with your gym programme and maximise the knowledge of the staff. If you usually drive to your workout could you cycle instead – a perfect warm up and not nearly as boring as watching the minutes tick by on machines.

Do something! Sign up for swing dancing or ballroom dancing lessons. Walk to the park with a neighbor you’d like to catch up with. Go for a hike.

 If you can exercise don’t just a few times a week, but every day. Movement is key to a healthy life. Exercising daily can improve your health in many ways. It can help increase your life span, lower your risk of diseases, help you develop higher bone density, and lose weight.

You can actually decide today to enjoy superb levels of physical health, and by developing specific habits, you can assure that you live longer and better than has been possible for any other generation in human history.

After cooking, eating and working out– the next in line is sleep!. Too little sleep and your immunity will suffer and you age faster. Sleep helps your body to rejuvenate. Try going to bed ½ hr to 1hr earlier than normal and see how much better you feel.