Digital marketing is important for all businesses, but it’s even more essential for startups. The reason been that until, people get to know about your startup and what it offers, they probably won’t buy your products or services.

Growing a startup these days, is based on knowing why traditional sales and marketing strategies are failing and why new activities such as: email marketing, social media and paid advertising are taking over.

To be as effective as possible, your strategy should be created during the beginning stages so you’re ready to go once the business is officially launches. If you have already launched your digital business and you don’t have a marketing strategy which is solid enough for continuous as well as long term results, you’re behind.

The reason why email marketing for instance, remains one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies, is due to its high return on investment (ROI). An effective email campaign could yields an ROI of  400 percent or more.

Furthermore, Social media has changed the world. Statistics show that more than 2.4 billion people use social media, these numbers are huge, so it’s crucial to incorporate social media marketing into your startup’s marketing strategy. Social media marketing helps to validate your brand and it’s no longer optional.  As your business presence on social media grows, more people will see and recognize it.

Aside email marketing and social media marketing strategies, paid advertising, such as paid-per-click (PPC) has also, become a popular advertising channel for digital businesses. It allows business owners to buy laser-targeted traffic from search engines like Google and Bing, the two leading paid search networks, both of which feature keyword targeting with a cost-per-click (CPC) pricing model. Now let’s look at the steps on how to:

Use The Power Of Email Marketing To Build A Sales Funnel

As stated earlier, the aim of every new digital business is to grow their customer audience and keep them around for as long as possible. Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with prospects on a deeper level.

In 2019, close to 300 billion emails were sent and received every single day. By 2022, that number is expected to increase to over 347 billion. It therefore necessary, to incorporate this digital marketing strategy into you overall marketing campaign. Email marketing is highly adaptable. That means, you can customize the emails that you send to promote your business so that they suit any need that you might have.

It is made up of 2 main components:

Now, to take advantage of this marketing strategy you must first collect prospects’ email addresses. Consider placing a newsletter signup form on the website of your startup.

One of the techniques to ensure that the right leads are getting the most impactful information at the most effective times is audience segmentation.  Another technique is to diversify your emails with non-commercial content like guides, how-to articles, videos and infographics.  Sending only advertorial emails make subscribers opt out of receiving your newsletter.

Ultimately, your email marketing efforts will only be as effective as your sales funnel. You may have heard of the term email sales funnel which is sometimes called by  different names such as: